11" x 11" One Aperture mount  with single and double mat options using white core mount board in a choice of 12 Colours (54) White, (55) Antique White, (58) Ivory, (72) Warm Ivory, (81) Bluebell, (82) Oxford Blue, (80) Sepia, (84)Maple, (60) Holly Green, (53) Black, (63) Beaujolais & (86) Rouge - Red

11" x 11" One Aperture

Border Width
Single or Double layer
Mount, Backed or Bagged
Shape of Aperture
    Venezuelan Neck Ornament

    Made from Silver and Fabric, Displayed against a course linen back ground in a deep box, with a reversed oak frame . It proved to be quite a challenge to frame as it was very heavy and required a considerable amount of invisible stitching to stop it sagging