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Tea & Coffee Shop


The tea & coffee shop serves freshly ground Carraro 1927 Coffee, a wide selection of loose leaf teas & infusions, Carraro Hot Chocolate & soft drinks including freshly blended smoothies. There are also jacket potatoes, soup, 'picnic on a plate', homemade cakes & scones.

Carraro 1927 Coffee Cup
Carraro 1927® Coffee

The 1927® blend is the result of Carraro's many years of research and experience in the industry that covers a period of three generations. It is made from nine meticulously selected Arabica varieties. This blend has been a favourite in cafés for decades because of its wonderful properties of compact and persistant creaminess, fragrant and fruity aroma and rich and velvety flavour. The beans are packed straight from the roaster in a protected atmosphere to ensure you get the optimum freshness right to the last bean. 


250g tins of beans or ground Carraro 1927® are also available for you to enjoy at home. 

Chocolate Fudge Cake, China Tea Cup & Carraro Coffee
Homemade Cakes  & Scones

The majority of the cakes are homemade using our own hen's eggs.  The varieties include chocolate fudge, lemon and lime drizzle, coffee & walnut, apple and mincemeat, spiced apple and choca mocha.   The plain, cherry and almond, sultana or cheese and chive homemade scones can be eaten just with Cornish butter or served as part of a Cream or Savoury Tea. 

There is also a range of indivually wrapped gluten free cakes.

Teas & Infusions

We serve a large selection of loose leaf tea as well as bagged tea.  All are served in china tea pots with china cups & saucers. 

Luxury Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows, Whipped Cream & a Dusting of Chocolate Powder
Hot Chocolate

Carraro® Hot Chocolate which is smooth, rich and velvety.  For added indulgence add whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate powder.

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